Grade K & 1

Horizons Daily Math Challenge









Take 10 pennies. Put some in each hand. Show one hand to an adult and ask them to figure out how many pennies are hiding. Switch!

Walk around the house. How many steps does it take you to get around your house. Next try giant steps. Which used more steps? Why?

Keep track of the weather for one week. How many sunny days? How many rainy days? How many more sunny days than rainy days?

Toss 10 pennies. How many heads? How many tails? Do it again. Were your results the same or different?

Hop on your right foot and count how many hops you can do. Now try your left foot. On which foot could you hop longer?

Grab a handful of small objects. Guess how many there are. Count them. Were you close?

Write your name on a piece of paper. How many letters are there in your name? How many letters are there in the names of your whole family?

How many jumping jacks can you do in one minute? Is that number more or less than 20? How do you know?


Make a picture using 2 circles, 3 triangles and some rectangles. Explain how you made it to someone.


Count backwards from 10....


Weigh yourself today. Have another person in your house weigh themselves. Who weighs more? How do you know?

Find 12 small rocks/beans/goldfish.

Put an equal number into 3 circles or bowls. How many rocks in each bowl? Now try 4 circles or bowls.

Look at your refrigerator. Find 3 items. Put them in order by weight. Start with the heaviest. Now try it with 3 toys.

Count on from 17....


Name 5 different places you can see numbers outside. Draw a picture of the places.

Draw and label a picture of your family from shortest to tallest.


Count the people that live in your house with you. How many hands is that in all? How many fingers?

Can you find 3 objects in your house that are circles? Draw a picture of them.


How many tires are there on 2 tricycles?

How many tires are there on 3 bicycles?

How many tires are there on 5 unicycles?

Read a book with a grown up. What math ideas can you find in this book?

Draw a robot using only rectangles!


What is your favorite color? Find 10 things in your house that are this color.

10 is the answer. Can you think of 3 questions?


Count by tens to 100. Count by twos to 20. Can you count backwards from 100 by tens?!?

Help a grown-up cook or bake something. Talk about the measuring tools you are using.

Find 5 objects in your kitchen. Line them up from tallest to shortest.


Find ten things smaller than your hand. Find ten things bigger than you!

Set the table for dinner. How many plates do you need? How many forks? How many napkins?