Grade 3

Horizons Daily Math Challenge









You have $1.50 in your pocket. Make a list of 10 different combinations of coins you count.


You won first place in a contest! You can choose to have $20 today or $2 a day for two weeks. Which option will earn you more money? How much more?


Add the ages of all of the people who live in your house. Is the sum greater or less than 100? How much greater or less?


Keep track of the temperature every day for a week. Draw a bar graph. Compare the difference in temperatures.


Use the digits 5, 7 and 2 to create as many different 3-digit numbers as you can. Which is the greatest? Which is the smallest?


Use <, =, or > to complete these number sentences.
657 __ 457 + 100 + 100

923+10__ 953 - 10-10 - 10


How many times can you hop on your left foot in a minute? Your right foot? Compare the number of hops using the symbols <, >, or =.


100 is the answer. What could the question be? Challenge yourself to think of more questions.


Write the numbers below in expanded form. For example: 583=500+80+3

729 846 295


Go on a shape hunt for quadrilaterals. How many can you find? How are they the same? How are they different?



Explain how you got your answer.


If you start playing a game at 8:00 a.m. and play for an hour and a half, what time do you finish playing?


Jen had 20 ten-dollar bills. How many hundred-dollar bills can she trade them for?


In what years were the people you live with born? Put the years in order from least to greatest.


Circle all of the even numbers:
36, 82, 47, 15, 109,235


How many days is it until your birthday? Use a calendar to find the answer.


Choose a book. Without opening it, estimate the number of pages in the book. Open the book and find out! How close was your estimate?


If you bought 2 ice creams every day this week, how many ice creams would you buy?


Stand in the same spot in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. What did you notice about your shadow?


It takes 97 licks to finish a freeze-pop. It takes 72 licks to finish a fudgesicle. About how many more licks does it take to finish a freeze- pop?


If a candy bar costs 87 and you pay with a one dollar bill, how much change will you get?


A package of popsicles has 6 popsicles. How many packages would you need for 18 kids?


Count out 24 objects. Divide them into 2 groups. How many are in each group? Do the same for 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 groups.


Fold a piece of paper in half 2 times. Open it. How many rectangles? Now, fold it in half 3 times. How many rectangles? 4 times? Can you find a pattern?


Weigh yourself. Find something in your house that weighs about the same as you.


How many different number sentences (equations) can you make that have a sum of 12?


Each daisy has 6 petals. How many petals on 5 daisies?


How many minutes are in 2 hours? What is something that takes 2 hours to do?