Grade 2

Horizons Daily Math Challenge









Look around the kitchen. List as many cylinders as you can find.


Go on a shape hunt around your home. Look for items shaped like a square, rectangle, triangle and circle. Draw and label the items.


With a parent, walk from your front door to your mailbox. How many steps did you take?


Ask someone to time how long you can hop on your right foot, then your left foot. Which foot could hop longer? How much longer?


How long does a traffic light stay green? Red? How could you measure this? How much longer is one light than the other?


Count the number of windows and doors in your home. Determine if these numbers are odd or even.


Sort the laundry into categories (owner, color, or item type). Make a bar graph and compare the categories. How many more? Less?


Today's number is 15. Make 15 by:
- adding two numbers

-subtracting two numbers

-adding three numbers


Gather a pile of coins. How many different ways can you make 25 cents? How do you know you found all combinations?


Jump three times: once like a bunny, once like a frog, and once like a child. Measure each jump. Which was longest? Shortest? What is the difference?


Blow a marble, a bottle cap, and a pencil across a table or the floor. Measure how far they go. Which goes the farthest? By how much?


How many pairs of socks do you have? How many socks in all?


Take up to 20 pennies. Put some in each hand. Show one hand to an adult and ask them to figure out how many are hiding. Switch!


Tell the time that you go to bed to the closest hour or half hour. Draw a picture of the clock's hands for that time.


Estimate the number of windows in your house. Then, count them. Is the number odd or even? How do you know?


Find 3 different ways to fill in the blanks. Do not use zeros.

 10 = __ + __ + __

10 = __ + __ + __

10 = __ + __ + __


Today is Wednesday. What day of the week is 6 days from today?


How many different quadrilaterals can you draw? Name each quadrilateral and describe its properties.


Find three things in your house that are shaped like a cube.


How many tires are there on three cars? How do you know?


Hold an ice cube in your hand. Count by 2's until it melts. Did you count to more or less than 100?


What is your favorite color? Find 10 things in your house that are this color.

10 is the answer. Can you think of 3 questions?


Count by tens to 100. Count by twos to 20. Can you count backwards from 100 by tens?!?

Help a grown-up cook or bake something. Talk about the measuring tools you are using.

Find 5 objects in your kitchen. Line them up from tallest to shortest.


Find ten things smaller than your hand. Find ten things bigger than you!

Set the table for dinner. How many plates do you need? How many forks? How many napkins?